Ten Sleep Canyon

Ten Sleep Canyon

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Ten Sleep CanyonFrom Meadowlark Lake down to the red ridged foot hills outside Ten Sleep, US Highway 16 takes you through the awe-inspiring Ten Sleep Canyon. Extreme Sports men and women are finding this unspoiled beauty while rock climbing, caving, hiking or mountain biking. The cliffs take on a life of their own with shapes and faces carved out by millions of years of wind and water, with the trees and plants filling in the detail. A trip up or down the old highway is a special treat, but make sure you have time and a vehicle that can handle it.

Beyond the Powder River Pass, The Sweet 16 winds past the all-season recreation area at Meadowlark Lake and descends into the head of Ten Sleep Canyon and down to the red ridged foothills outside Ten Sleep. Awe-inspiring limestone and dolomite rock walls etched and pitted by time reach ever further skyward and make Ten Sleep Canyon a must-see drive part of The Sweet 16. Hikers and bikers can find plenty of trails and some of Wyoming’s best mountain climbing attracts climbers from all over the country.

Near the mouth of the Ten Sleep Canyon, be sure and visit the trout hatchery and fish rearing station operated by the Wyoming Fame and Fish Department.